It’s that time of year again where the weather is starting to get warmer outside and we want to spend more time outdoors doing the things we love. There is more time for us to get out, get active and get healthy doing fun fitness activities and sports with our friends and families.

It is important to always remember to take preventative action when we are getting more active as our bodies haven’t been used to moving around as much so we need to do things like stretching and warming up.

You need to get blood circulating as much as possible so that muscles, ligaments and tendons have a good blood supply to be more flexible and prevent injury. Over-stretching can be harmful just like not stretching at all. It is a good idea to stretch for a few minutes and at a level that is comfortable.

Many factors affect your individual ability to participate in certain activities. Among these are age, body type, growth stage, range of motion or whether you are loose-jointed or tight-jointed will also play a role. Your chiropractor has specific tests to determine which type you are and can guide you in continuing your activity safely.


Eight Qualities of a Wealthy Woman

Harmony: Say and do what you mean in a free flowing manner.

Balance: Clear your mind with fitness and any other activities you enjoy.

Courage: Take action. You are a warrior and face the battlefield head on.

Generosity: Be generous to yourself with money. Pay your credit.

Happiness: People want to be around you.

Cleanliness: Clean all your clutter.

Beauty: Feel beautiful. Inner strength. You feel competent and know your own worth and your own power.

Wisdom: Make wise choices and wise decisions.

Questions and Answers

1) Understand who you are (say your name in a powerful way).

2) When hard times come your way go over the eight qualities of a wealthy woman.

3) You aren’t on sale (No discounts).

4) Money is your friend.

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