Main Functions

The spine has three key functions:
1. Support
2. Protects spinal cord
3. Movement and mobility
Your spine has 24 moveable vertebrae with connecting muscles and tissues that work together to provide the body’s ability to stand upright. The spinal cord is an extension of the brain that connects through a channel in the centre of the spine. There are millions of nerves connected throughout the spinal column that send and receive messages from the brain to allow the body’s organs, systems and cells to function properly.

When The Spine is Misaligned

If any of the bones in your spine are misaligned, the opening of the nerve connected through the spine can become subluxated, also known as a vertebral su

bluxation. This can cause a number of symptoms depending on which vertebra is misaligned. For example:

  • Cervical spine: headaches.
  • Thoracic spine:asthma, difficulty breathing, pains in lower arms, lowered resistance in the spleen.
  • Lumbar spine: sciatica, poor circulation in the legs, leg cramps.

When the muscles in your back also have problems such as chronic tension, stiffness and inflammation, the normal nerve supply can also affect some organs, glands and tissues depending on which nerve is affected.

The Better Way to Health through Chiropractic & Massage Therapy

Chiropractic is a science and art based on the importance of maintaining a flow of life renewing energy and information from the brain through the nerves of the spinal column into every cell of the body.

Your chiropractor has the skills to detect and then correct the misalignments and muscular interferences within this intricate pathway and restore the integrity of the nervous system bringing you to better health!