Proper Nutrition

“You are what you eat.”

Have you ever heard of that saying before? Well, if that were true, I’d be a hamburger.

We, as a whole, eat too much. Did you know for every pound of fat you gain, that’s another mile of blood vessels that your heart must pump blood to? It’s no wonder why M.D.’s tell their patients who have high blood pressure or are at risk for a stroke to go on a diet. For proper nutrition, all of us should avoid these four main things: 1) White Sugar 2) White Flour 3) White Salt and 4) Preservatives.


Salt may cause high blood pressure. Have you heard of salt tablets? Their function is to hold water within your body so you don’t sweat excessively. Losing your body fluids by taking salt tablets you stop your body’s normal functions. To regulate body heat, your body is designed to release moisture on your skin and cool it off. The skin at the same time has to breathe and eliminate waste. Did you know that if you painted a human body totally and allowed him to only breathe through his nose or mouth he would die? That shows how important it is to keep clean and allow your skin to breathe. You cannot completely get away from salt, but you can certainly cut down on it.


Sodium Phosphate, Sodium Nitrate and Nitrate BHT, Monosodium Glutomate (MSG), are all examples of preservatives. Their purpose is to prolong the shelf life of a product so it won’t spoil until you have time to eat it. There has been an article in the news about the preservatives in bacon and how they are known to be carcinogenic.

Most preservatives are found in processed foods. Foods that are made ahead of time by companies so that all you have to do is take it out of it’s packaging and eat it such as: bologna, deli meats, sausage and hot dogs.

By the way, all these food products I have mentioned are all on the list for people with arthritis to avoid.


We hope that this weeks Email Series has been helpful in your journey to better health. Next week we will be discussing the importance of rest and relaxation and a stress free life with some helpful tips to include this in your everyday life!