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Massage acts on the skeletal system and muscle tissues, to improve the function of the joints, releasing muscle tension, calming the nervous system and boosting the circulatory system thus gently releasing stress and tensions away.
Swedish Massage –  Therapists use light to medium pressure and soothing touch to increase circulation, decrease muscle spasms, increasing lymphatic drainage thus promotes elimination of toxins and releases fluid retention.
Deep Tissue – Excellent to relieve physical discomfort caused by tensions in deeper muscle layers. The higher pressure applied directly onto the muscle tissue and fascia (protective layer surrounding muscles, bones and joints) releases chronic tensions and can even lower your blood pressure, reduce stress hormones and heart rate (according to scientific research).
Aromatherapy – Use of oils which helps to revitalize the mind, body and soul. The Best to deal with anxiety.
Shiatsu – Relieves tension, eases muscle stiffness, increases circulation and metabolism. This massage therapy promotes deeper relaxation on key points on the body (Trigger Points) making it easier to assess the deeper muscle layers, releasing chronic tensions and increasing general vitality.
Thai Massage – Walking on your back and stretching the muscles throughout your whole body thus promoting improved circulation, release of muscle tension, increased mobility and flexibility, as well as stress relief.
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