An Intelligent Alternative to Health, Wealth and Vitality

Invented by Dr. Sam Cirone himself, it is used extensively in health care clinics and by the general public to achieve pain relief.

The Triggerizer Acupressure Unit is a hand held device to help relax the muscles, joints and provides quick pain relief.

It works on my patients and it will work for you.

Triggerizer™ acupressure unit is a self-healing tool that is used to release stressful tight knotted muscles instantly! It requires no batteries and comes with a valuable pressure point chart.


The Triggerizer™ acupressure unit is made up of a rubber tip, which feels like the texture of a soft smooth human thumb. Simply place the Triggerizer™ acupressure unit in the palm of your hand, Press, Hold, & Release to obtain the Relief you desire.

You can enjoy the Triggerizer™ acupressure unit in the comfort of your home, while you are travelling – use it on your own or with a partner at any time at your convenience.


The Triggerizer™ acupressure unit is a simple, safe & effective way to keep you and everyone you love in perfect health!

The Triggerizer™ acupressure unit is the intelligent alternative to being able to help yourself and others without costly equipment and any risk of side effects.

You can trust your Triggerizer™ acupressure unit to lead you to a new dimension of well being – not only to be able to work actively and improve your overall health, but to expand your awareness of your own inner healing power and energy.
Turn off the phone, put on some soft music, light a candle, take a few deep relaxing breaths and get started to experience the marvelous healing power of your Triggerizer™ acupressure unit. As your nervous system releases Endorphins (the body’s natural pain killers) – you are on your way to distance yourself from the stresses and tension of daily living.

Amazing things happen to people who use the Triggerizer™ acupressure unit, isn’t it time you give the Triggerizer™ acupressure unit a try?